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The Plural of You Podcast

The Plural of You was the podcast about people helping people. This was my attempt to spread concepts like trust, compassion, and community among a broad audience. I wrote and produced 48 episodes from November 2014 to November 2018. At the podcast’s peak, episodes were downloaded between 1,200–1,500 times each and a series total of 40,000.

Many of the organizations, projects, and individuals I featured are still active today. My personal favorite episodes were POY 6 with Ian Acker of Salt Lake City, Utah, POY 33 with Cheri Speelman of Everett, Washington, and the final episode on women’s rights.

The Plural of You is archived at the Internet Archive.

Notes and Credits

  • The Plural of You was featured in the June 2018 issue of Reader’s Digest.
  • Show notes mentioned in the episodes have not been archived online.
  • Theme music for Episodes 1-38 by Mike Martinez and Episodes 39-48 by Echidna. Original cover photo by Kyle Mercury. Logo by Josh C. Morgan.