Josh Morgan

Josh Morgan holding a black cat and smiling.

Who I Am

I am an eager and inquisitive data nerd. I am committed to meeting people where they are and helping them solve their needs, whether by day as a data analyst or in my spare time supporting compassionate leaders and their causes.

What Motivates Me

People! I see the intrinsic value in everyone I interact with. In that spirit, I use my skills to simply processes and make information easier for folks to understand.

What I’m Proud Of

  • I have become proficient at modeling data and managing data collections involving multiple partners. My most valuable skill doesn’t involve spreadsheets, coding, or databases—it’s empathy. High-quality data requires relationship-building as well as the technical stuff.
  • I coordinated the early development of the Baltimore Youth Data Hub, a city-wide integrated data system. The system brings data on Baltimore’s youth out of its silos and makes it available to the city’s agencies and organizations.
  • My data-driven research has been featured by The Washington Post, NPR, Reader’s Digest, and on the front page of Reddit.com.